Safety is Job Number One!

Relative to other industries, construction is inherently hazardous. Because of this, Woodburn Construction Company has developed an extensive drug, alcohol and safety program for its workforce. This starts with pre-employment drug testing for all prospective new-hires. Our “zero-tolerance” policy insures a drug-free, hardworking and safe working environment. Since this policy was introduced in 1991, we have reduced time lost due to job site injuries and sickness to nearly zero.

Beyond creating a generally more pleasant atmosphere within which to work, project schedules are maintained because of the dependability of the work force.  Acknowledged by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and our Workers’ Compensation insurer Liberty Northwest our safety and health policies are rigorous and thorough. Safety is a top priority at WCC where all policies meet, or in many cases exceed the requirements of OSHA and Worker’s Compensation rules.

We works proactively with OSHA for site courtesy inspections and site specific plans. When construction sites are to remain open for business and services, we work closely with the owner to create a plan to keep the public and staff safe.

Safety meetings/inspections held weekly at each job site, updated safety regulations and company specific safety concerns from our various work sites have become a vital step in maintaining our excellent safety record. These policies and especially the training at safety meetings have allowed us to maintain a Workman’s Compensation Experience Modifier of 0.86 or a 14% discount from standard rates.  Woodburn Construction is proud of its record in the areas of safety and health. Even so, WCC is always looking for ways to enhance these programs to insure safe and happy workers.

From Concept to Creation

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