Project Description

Beaverton, Oregon

Phase II of the Hillsboro Consolidation was a complete remodel of the first floor (a little over 100,000 square feet) of the fabrication facility, which had been the office space for product development and administrative functions; now in the Phase I addition. The remodel converted the first level to testing laboratories, maintenance department, and new “tool” storage (“tools” are used to make integrated circuits); this included substantial “clean room” construction. In addition, the four main stairwells were upgraded to two-hour construction. This turned out to be the most difficult part of the project because there were hundreds of electrical and mechanical devices that all had to be removed and reinstalled to add the required two layers of drywall. Because we could only shut down one stairwell at a time, and because of the intricacies of the work, we had to “throw away the book” on typical construction sequencing and simply work where ever we could, when ever we could.

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Maxim Integrated Products






August 2020

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